About the project

A resource of the FWF-funded project Old Celtic Language Remains in Austria (P20755).

Project director: David Stifter

The data for the database of ''Non-Mediterranean Names of Noricum'' (NNN) was collected in 2011 by Cornelia Kleiber, Dieter Reinisch and Tanja Trausmuth; Mag. Corinna Scheungraber made the linguistic analysis and comments. Prof. David Stifter was the director and editor. The new, up-to-date readings of the inscriptions were made available to us by the kind permission of the team of the Project CIL III² at the Department of Old History and Classical Studies, Epigraphics and Papyrology at the University of Vienna. Our heartfelt thank goes especially to Prof. Ekkehard Weber, Dr. Ingrid Weber-Hiden, Mag. Marita Holzner.

The site was launched in August 2011. Development by Pádraic Moran, based on scripts used for the Celtic Personal Names of Roman Britain website.